Non-Contact Discharge Measurement Instruments

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This is a non-contact flow meter for open water channels mounted above the water surface. It uses a radar velocity sensor and radar sensor for water level measurement.

  • Category : Discharge Measurement Instruments
  • Model Number : 1004
  • Brand : RK Engineering Corporation
  • Non-Contact Discharge Measurement Instruments

    This is a non-contact flow meter for open water channels mounted above the water surface. It uses a radar velocity sensor and radar sensor for water level measurement. The two measurements and the dimensions of the cross-section profile are used to calculate the discharge form the continuity equation (velocity area method). The modular transmitter incorporates a flow computer with all required algorithms and software to ensure accuracy and repeatability of flow measurements. Parameterization of the measurement site, data logging, visualization and data transfer is possible by using the browser-based control and management user interface which can be run in any standard web browser via PC, notebook, tablet or smart phone, regardless of location, time and operating system.
  • Data Logger Specification

    Make and Brand RK Engineering Corporation
    Model RK-DL81
    Display 16 Characters x 2 Lines (Auto on LCD backlight when any button is press)
    Measured Parameters Date, Time, Water level (mtr), Water Velocity(mtr/sec), Water Discharge (cumes)
    Real Time Clock accuracy ±2 second per year
    Number of channels in Logger 16
    Logging Interval 1 min to 60 min with the facility to program log start time within next 24 hours
    Data Storage Capacity 16 GB Non-Volatile in build cyclic memory to store the data at least duration for minimum 5 year.
    Operating Temperature -40°C to 65°C
    Operating Humidity 0 to 100%
    Data Retrieval Through SD card (Direct in Excel Format No Need of Software)
    Data Transmission Through Inbuild WIFI / GPRS 4G SIM Modem / VSAT
    Sampling frequency 1 Hz
    Response Time Mili Seconds
    Key Pad 4X1 Infront of the logger panel for programming
    Encloser Box IP 66 for fixing of datalogger, battery & solar charges, Fitted with all necessary connectors. Encloser dimension LXWXH (in mm) 590x280x965
    Protection Cage for Encloser Outer fencing of the encloser box for protection from Animals/Human Intervention Dimension L X W X H x D (in mm) 760x920x1820x405
    Battery 12 volts 100-Amp SMF
    Power Backup Calculation with for complete System taking the consideration 30 days of back up non-sunshine condition
    Solar Panel 60W@ 12 V
    Solar Charing RK-BSC an intelligent with internal or External having over and under voltage protection Battery Charging Indicator LED (Yellow) Lower Battery Indicator LED (Red)
    Battery back up 30 days comes with standard (for more day’s backup cost extra)
  • • Measurement of water level in stand pipes, Casagrande piezometer, borehole and wells.
    • Ground water level measurement in boreholes near dams, river high rise buildings, farm houses, factories, institutes and residential areas.
    • Ideal for simple ground water level monitoring.
    Velocity Sensor Speed Range 0.02m/s - 15m/s
    Velocity Measurement Accuracy ±0.001m/s; ±1% FS
    Velocity Meter Frequency 24.125 GHz [ K band]
    Velocity Resolution 0.001 m/sec
    Direction Recognition Inward and outward
    Measured Duration 1 SPS to 240 SPS
    Velocity Radar Angle 12°
    Distance to Water Surface 0.50 ……. 35 m
    Radar Water Level Range 15 meter / 30 meter /35 meter
    Radar Water Level Resolution 0.5 mm
    Radar Water Level Accuracy ±2 mm
    Radar Water level Angle
    Radar Water Level Meter Frequency 77 to 81GHz [W band]
    Sampling Frequency 1 sps to 10 sps
    Attitude Angle Intelligent Perception & Compensation Horizontal angle, roll angle accuracy ±1°; resolution ±0.1°
    Serial Interface 1 X Serial RS-485 half duplex 1 X Serial RS-232 (Two wire Interface) 1 X SDI-12
    Analog Output 4-20 mA, programmable Velocity, level or Discharge
    Serial Baud Rate 9600-115200
    Output Discharge, Flow Velocity, Water Level
    Operating Voltage DC 9 ~ 27 V
    Power Consumption Operating current < 140 mA, standby current < 1mA
    Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C (without heating)
    Ambient Temperature Output (Optional) Accuracy ±1°C; resolution 0.1°C
    Protection Level IP68
    Product Size 150*200*250mm (length * width * height) 338 x 333 x 154 MM with pipe brackets
    Product Weight 5.4 kg
    Protection Over Voltage, Over power protection, lighting Protection
    River Cross-section Mapping Provided
    Software Data Cable Provided
    Server RK Engineering Corporation
    Dashboard Having the User detail, Mobile user, Device Detail, Device Data, Chart, Map, Alarm
    Unique Identify Name and password Provided
    Data showing In different colour for more understanding Minimum (Blue), Normal (Green), Warning (yellow), Alert (Red)
    Data Graph/Chart Individual for all Water Level, Velocity and Discharges Combined for all Water Level, Velocity and Discharges
    Data SMS Alert User can set the Alarm Range (for Flood) and (Discharge) And Registered SMS Alert maximum 5 mobile number through User dashboard.
    Data Download Set the Date, Month and Year and Download Data in Excel Format
    Map Location Indicator Map and Show the Live Data on Hover the Location Symbol
    Android APP Download the App from dashboard and Register the Mobile User App show the real time data, All Listed Device and location map
    Site Detail List of All Installation Site with their photo, longitude and latitude and all related details