Automatic Rain Gauge [DataLogger]

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RKEC make Automatic Rain Gauge [ DataLogger] is connected with any of the tipping bucket rain gage in the world giving the pulse / switch closer output. Datalogger comes with the solar panel and battery pack

  • Category : Automatic Rain Gauge
  • Model Number : RK-ARG-Dl
  • Brand : RK Engineering Corporation
  • Automatic Rain Gauge [DataLogger]

    RKEC datalogger for the Automatic Rain Gauge having the industrial grade micro controller ensure the reliability, accuracy and continuous performance in the toughest weather condition. Compact-datalogger version v-21.7 is the best choice for the research and professional works in the market. Design makes easy to installed by one person and reduce the transportation cost. Automatic Rain Gauge datalogger compatible to attached any of the tipping bucket pulse output rain gauge manufacturer brands in the world such as RKEC, Davis, Rain Wise, Lambert and many more, logger comes with the solar panel and battery with an intelligent solar charging kit inbuild in the battery pack. Automatic Rain Gauge datalogger having the facility of the measuring the Logger Temperature, Rainfall, Date, Time and Battery volts. Data logger for the collection of real time data automatically. 16 X 2 alphanumeric display and 1 X 4 keypad is provided at front of data logger for programming data logger and monitoring sensor reading at site without the help of computer.
  • Model: RK-ARG-DL
    Display: 16 Characters x 2 Lines alphanumeric display
    Measured Parameter: Date, Time, Rainfall (mm), Temperature (°C), Battery (volts)
    Logging Rate: 1 min to 1 hours (USER SELETABLE BY DATALOGGER KEYBOARD)
    Data Storage: 16 GB (sufficient for more than 5 years of logging in 1 min. logging rate)
    Power Supply: 5 VOLTS
    Data Retrieval: Sd Card Having stored data in form of Excel sheet, Direct copy and Paste into your PC by SD Crad Reader.
    Real Time clock: provided with ±3 seconds per year accuracy
  • Data logger is compatible with all type of tipping bucket rain gauge giving the pulse output in the world
    cost effective solution converting the tipping bucket rain gauge into Automatic Rain Gauge
    Easily connected world famous rain gauge sensor RK-S-TBRG series, Davis, Rain wise, Young many more
  • 1 X Data Logger
    1 X Battery Pack with inbuild charging control
    1 X Solar Panel with mounting clamp OR AC adopter (user Selectable)
    1 X SD Card Reader and Screwdriver